NOGU Brothers - Luca Lavorato and Mario Lavorato

From Architecture to Fashion....


Founded by Mario Christian & Luca Daniel the Award Winning family of brands that include Joseph Nogucci, NOGU & Daniel Christian Tang explore a multi-disciplinary approach to Fashion & Accessories design.

“Design is design, regardless the medium. Whether you’re designing a museum or a bracelet, the artistic process is the same” - Mario Christian

Both diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis at birth, brothers Mario & Luca grew up with a very unique perspective on life, time and the pursuit of their dreams.

It made them want to live their lives with a very clear and distinct joie de vivre. Don’t stress out on the little things. Follow your passions, try and travel the world when you can and just do what makes you happy.

These beliefs pushed them into challenging careers they loved, Architecture for Mario and Engineering for Luca. This eventually led them to direct their passion for design into something that could be enjoyed by many and not few.

Holding nothing back they traveled the world, when health was on their side, finished degrees in Architecture and Engineering and eventually founded Joseph Nogucci, a fashion design firm grounded in the tenets of carefree living, spirituality, whimsicality and adventure.

The team is one with an eclectic mix of disciplines that range from Architecture to Structural Engineering & Art. Mario Christian Lavorato graduated with a Masters of Architecture (M.Arch) from the University of Toronto. Luca Daniel Lavorato, a graduate from the University of Waterloo’s Honors Civil Engineering Program with a concentration in Structural Engineering.

Equipped with years of Architectural and Engineering design training and experience, Mario & Luca set out to design a collection that pulled inspiration from their travels around the world, spiritual influences and the practice of Yoga that kept them healthy.

Unmistakably Unique. Adventurous. Accessible. High Quality.

Those were the four pillars that the Nogu Family of Brands was built upon and with over 1 Million pieces shipped in just a few short years they are pillars that stand.