Jewelry Care Guide


Always remove your jewelry before using products like hairspray, dye, perfume, deodorant, lotion, moisturizer, self-tanner, et cetera. Some beauty products contain chemicals that may damage your jewelry. 

Always remove your jewelry before bathing, swimming, or intensive household cleaning. 

Always remove your jewelry before using abrasive household cleaning products, and never allow your jewelry to come into contact with cleaning products that may contain damaging chemicals.

Avoid over-exposing your jewelry to adverse weather conditions like heavy rain, snow, or sunlight.  


To clean jewelry made with glass, including Mermaid Glass and Galaxy Glass, or crystals or semi-precious stones, use either a soft cloth or a brush with soft bristles and gently brush problem areas until you are satisfied with the look of the piece. If necessary, dampen the cloth or brush very lightly before brushing the piece. 


Our Chromata Mood Jewelry is made with delicate, sensitive crystals, they need to be taken care of properly:
  1. NO WATER! Make sure to keep your mood ring away from water and chemicals.
  2. If your hands start to get sweaty, try taking off your mood ring until your hands dry off.
  3. When you’re not wearing your mood ring, store it at room temperature.
By following these simple steps, your CHROMATA Mood Jewelry (and the magic crystals within it) will last as long as you wear it!


Store clean, dry sterling silver in a dry airtight container, like a ziplock bag. Do not store sterling silver in a humid environment. Humidity can speed up the oxidation process and lead to tarnishing. Eliminate or minimize sterling silver’s contact to chemicals including hairspray, perfume, body lotion, and do not wear it while bathing or swimming. After taking off silver jewelry, clean it with a dry soft cloth before putting it back into an airtight container. To clean tarnished sterling silver, try using a soft, non abrasive dry cloth and brush gently to attempt to remove the tarnish. If this does not work, use a commercially available .925 sterling silver cleaning product and silver polishing cloth. Always refer to the instructions on the cleaning product's label before you attempt cleaning.


Never use jewelry cleaning products on jewelry pieces made with plated metal, as the abrasive chemicals in jewelry cleaners may strip away and otherwise damage the plated finish. 

To clean your plated jewelry, use a dry, soft cloth. Gently brush until you are satisfied with the look of the piece. 



To clean your nylon or leather jewelry cords, use a dry, soft cloth. Gently brush until you are satisfied with the look of the piece. 

While cleaning nylon cords, if a dry cloth is not working, dampen the cloth or brush very lightly before brushing the piece. 

We suggest avoiding all contact between protecting and/or conditioning leather sprays or lotions with your leather jewelry. 

Leather protecting and/or conditioning products may change the color and look of your leather jewelry, and may also contain abrasive chemicals that might damage non-leather components of your piece. 


If you ordered your jewelry from NOGU, we'll be pleased to assist you if you aren't able to satisfactorily restore your piece. Please send us an email at and let us know about the problem you're having and we'll be happy to help.